Sunday, January 6, 2013

Good Things vs. Bad Things

For the last few years, my life has been...odd. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Let's start in late 2010-now with the bad things:


  • Grandma diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Foster sister almost died in hospital on Christmas


  • Mom went into surgery
  • Foster rother broke both his legs
  • Sister diagnosed with some weird shoulder disease
  • Sister had surgery because of her weird shoulder disease
  • Grandma died of cancer
  • Baby foster sister started having short seizures a lot
  • Cat died
  • Fish died
  • Baby foster sister sister in hospital for almost all of December
Now the good things:

  • Opening solo in the Christmas program at school
  • Went to a summer camp with my best friend
  • In the talent show with an acrobatic routine 
  • People at gymnastics stopped bullying me as much as before
  • Saw the last Harry Potter movie in theaters
  • Played a main part (Frosty the Snowman Ornament) in the school Christmas program
  • Sister's weird shoulder disease went away
  • Took a big family vacation to Santa Cruz Boardwalk
  • Made a Harry Potter club at school
  • Was popular at school for the first time ever
  • My family's started taking care of a little baby girl
  • Went to Disneyland in summer
  • Had an awesome Harry Potter birthday party with all of my best friends
  • Went to Oxbow Marina with my best friend twice
  • Baby sister stopped having seizures
  • Went to San Francisco
  • Saw the Lion King Broadway show
  • Duet in the school Christmas program
It's funny looking at these lists. The first one was so much easier to write; I barely even had to think. But with the second one, it was hard to remember all the little things that made me happy over the last three years. I can't think of a good ending sentence, so here's the end: TATA!

....I Can't Think Of A Title

I really am sorry that I haven't posted anything. I haven't been busy, I just haven't found any inspiration for posting something. I also haven't had inspiration for writing, but that's a whole other topic.

Today, I'm going to talk about something. I am not entirely sure yet, but it will be something! .......I've been brainstorming for about three minutes, so I think I've got something worth-while. I'll be posting it in a different post.