Thursday, February 21, 2013


A few of you may know that I'm on a little corner of the internet called Polyvore. It's a great website, and I've found some really wonderful and creative people on it. However, Polyvore isn't my only topic for the day:


There SO many websites on the internet that are accessible by the click of your mouse. Some that I particularly enjoy are,,,,,,, and, of course, this one.

All those little corners of the internet are linked in my mind, but some of you may have only heard of one or two of them. It's always seemed weird to me that so many people haven't heard of some of my favorite websites! I hope that, if you do check out some of those aforementioned websites, you'll look me up!

Polyvore- loonyloonylovegood
FanFiction- ThePotterGirls1298
Quotev- HPlover
YouTube- llamasbonjour AND beauty4preteens

That's all, folks! Have a lovely life, and stay creative!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Good Things vs. Bad Things

For the last few years, my life has been...odd. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Let's start in late 2010-now with the bad things:


  • Grandma diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Foster sister almost died in hospital on Christmas


  • Mom went into surgery
  • Foster rother broke both his legs
  • Sister diagnosed with some weird shoulder disease
  • Sister had surgery because of her weird shoulder disease
  • Grandma died of cancer
  • Baby foster sister started having short seizures a lot
  • Cat died
  • Fish died
  • Baby foster sister sister in hospital for almost all of December
Now the good things:

  • Opening solo in the Christmas program at school
  • Went to a summer camp with my best friend
  • In the talent show with an acrobatic routine 
  • People at gymnastics stopped bullying me as much as before
  • Saw the last Harry Potter movie in theaters
  • Played a main part (Frosty the Snowman Ornament) in the school Christmas program
  • Sister's weird shoulder disease went away
  • Took a big family vacation to Santa Cruz Boardwalk
  • Made a Harry Potter club at school
  • Was popular at school for the first time ever
  • My family's started taking care of a little baby girl
  • Went to Disneyland in summer
  • Had an awesome Harry Potter birthday party with all of my best friends
  • Went to Oxbow Marina with my best friend twice
  • Baby sister stopped having seizures
  • Went to San Francisco
  • Saw the Lion King Broadway show
  • Duet in the school Christmas program
It's funny looking at these lists. The first one was so much easier to write; I barely even had to think. But with the second one, it was hard to remember all the little things that made me happy over the last three years. I can't think of a good ending sentence, so here's the end: TATA!

....I Can't Think Of A Title

I really am sorry that I haven't posted anything. I haven't been busy, I just haven't found any inspiration for posting something. I also haven't had inspiration for writing, but that's a whole other topic.

Today, I'm going to talk about something. I am not entirely sure yet, but it will be something! .......I've been brainstorming for about three minutes, so I think I've got something worth-while. I'll be posting it in a different post. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Seconds ago, I posted a small 'About Me' where I promised to elaborate on me being like my favorite book character, Luna Lovegood. 

I am also like Luna in not-really-worse-but-not-as-pleasant ways. I used to be bullied a lot (one of the reasons I quit gymnastics), I have had loved ones die, I am distracted, not good at keeping conversations on track, and I can't help but do some things. But sometimes, the things I can't help but do are good things. Like, when I see a friend or not-so-friendly friend sad, lonely etc., I have to help somehow. And when I have an opinion, I share it. Both of those are very Luna-y. 

I have always imagined Luna with a horribly dark side. I suppose this is what drew me towards her in the first place. I imagine her to have a really dark and scary side, but she's just really good at hiding it, just like me. There are times when I want to hurt, or cry, or even hurt someone else, feelings I imagine Luna with, but I always suppress them. Always. And for a good reason: they aren't good.

A Bit Of Me To You

You have been reading this blog, if you've been with me for a while now, without knowing much, it not anything, about me. Well, here you are:

My name is Joely Olivia. I live in the United States on the West Coast, but in the more mountainy part. My favorite color is turquoise (especially when paired with orange), my favorite books are the Harry Potter series, my favorite TV show is Doctor Who, and my favorite book character is Luna Lovegood. I like Luna so much because she reminds me incredibly of myself. I don't really try to be like Luna, I just naturally am. I don't care what people think of me when I do weird things, I try really hard (and am trying even harder now) to be nice to everyone possible, I dress.....differently, I say weird things a lot, and I am just generally weird.

I'll elaborate on my Luna-likely-ness in my next update. Good-bye for now!
P. S.- I know that possible is spelled like posible in the web address, it was a simple accident.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

False Appendicitis

Once when I was seven, I had to go to the hospital because I was so sick. They put an IV in me and everything. I barely remember anything from that day. I just remember that they almost gave me a surgery because they thought I had appendicitis. I doubt it would have affected anything because you don't really need your appendix, but I've always wondered how much the way that I tell that story would be different if they hadn't realized that I didn't need surgery...