Thursday, February 21, 2013


A few of you may know that I'm on a little corner of the internet called Polyvore. It's a great website, and I've found some really wonderful and creative people on it. However, Polyvore isn't my only topic for the day:


There SO many websites on the internet that are accessible by the click of your mouse. Some that I particularly enjoy are,,,,,,, and, of course, this one.

All those little corners of the internet are linked in my mind, but some of you may have only heard of one or two of them. It's always seemed weird to me that so many people haven't heard of some of my favorite websites! I hope that, if you do check out some of those aforementioned websites, you'll look me up!

Polyvore- loonyloonylovegood
FanFiction- ThePotterGirls1298
Quotev- HPlover
YouTube- llamasbonjour AND beauty4preteens

That's all, folks! Have a lovely life, and stay creative!

Saturday, February 16, 2013