Sunday, December 9, 2012


Seconds ago, I posted a small 'About Me' where I promised to elaborate on me being like my favorite book character, Luna Lovegood. 

I am also like Luna in not-really-worse-but-not-as-pleasant ways. I used to be bullied a lot (one of the reasons I quit gymnastics), I have had loved ones die, I am distracted, not good at keeping conversations on track, and I can't help but do some things. But sometimes, the things I can't help but do are good things. Like, when I see a friend or not-so-friendly friend sad, lonely etc., I have to help somehow. And when I have an opinion, I share it. Both of those are very Luna-y. 

I have always imagined Luna with a horribly dark side. I suppose this is what drew me towards her in the first place. I imagine her to have a really dark and scary side, but she's just really good at hiding it, just like me. There are times when I want to hurt, or cry, or even hurt someone else, feelings I imagine Luna with, but I always suppress them. Always. And for a good reason: they aren't good.

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