Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Bit Of Me To You

You have been reading this blog, if you've been with me for a while now, without knowing much, it not anything, about me. Well, here you are:

My name is Joely Olivia. I live in the United States on the West Coast, but in the more mountainy part. My favorite color is turquoise (especially when paired with orange), my favorite books are the Harry Potter series, my favorite TV show is Doctor Who, and my favorite book character is Luna Lovegood. I like Luna so much because she reminds me incredibly of myself. I don't really try to be like Luna, I just naturally am. I don't care what people think of me when I do weird things, I try really hard (and am trying even harder now) to be nice to everyone possible, I dress.....differently, I say weird things a lot, and I am just generally weird.

I'll elaborate on my Luna-likely-ness in my next update. Good-bye for now!
P. S.- I know that possible is spelled like posible in the web address, it was a simple accident.

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